About GoLo

GoLo was founded during Covid-19 by Danny Lambe, a decorated rugby coach from Tipperary, Ireland. Rugby is constantly changing with the main focus on creating a safe environment for all players. One way of creating a safer game is the focus of players lowering their tackle height. Danny has set out to create a product that helps rugby players of all age to tackle lower.

Introducing GoLo Tackle Pads

GoLo tackle pads are an internationally patented product designed to help rugby players easily identify target areas to help make the perfect tackle. GoLo is a multi functioning product as it allows defenders to easily target the correct tackle areas while also allowing attackers to move freely throughout training.

GoLo Tackle Pads

These specially internationally patented tackle pads are designed to be durable and perfect for all training scenarios. GoLo tackle pads are designed to be worn throughout a training session and are easily interchangeable between players.

These pads are made of special materials to ensure they can withstand all rugby sessions. 

Main features are:

  • 4x Padded Leg Areas 
  • 1 Large Waste Padding Area
  • 2x Large Targets
  • 3x Easily Adjustable Velcro Straps
  • High Density Tackle Foam
  • Military Grade Material
  • Zero Friction Velcro Straps
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The Founder

GoLo was founded during a Covid 19 lockdown by Danny Lambe. Danny is a decorated rugby coach and has won the Munster Junior Cup with Rockwell College. He is a dedicated coach and continues to coach at School and Club Level in Cashel Rugby Club.

After years of coaching Danny has constantly struggled to get players to tackle lower and more accurately. He believes the game of rugby has changed over the last number of years and there is now a huge emphasis around safety and tackle height.

Dannys vision is for every player to have access to a GoLo to ensure that they are easily able to drop the height of tackles and overall improve the game of rugby. The creation of such a product means that coaches can now easily help players of all ages identify the correct tackle height.

If you observe any underage rugby session you will constantly hear coaches encouraging their players to ‘Go Lo’. With this new products players will be able to easily remember the correct tackle height and position in game situations.

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  • Who is it for?

    GoLo is for everyone from minis rugby to senior level.

    Tackle Pads come in a range of sizes:

    Mini / Kids / Youth / Adult

  • What does it do?

    It safely helps rugby players of all ages to tackle in the correct way while allowing the wearer to take part in training easily and comfortably as they are hands free.

  • Vision for the product!

    We want to ensure that all rugby players are making tackles in a safe and accurate manner by wearing a GoLo in training & warm-up sessions around the world.